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Citra Pale Ale

Our Citra Pale Ale uses Nelson Sauvin hops and lightly roasted ale malts. Every process of the brew is carefully temperature controlled and our unique recipe is followed precisely to produce a consistent and very high quality Pale ale. Exhibiting a careful balance between bitter hops and malt sweetness you will experience a smooth and full flavoured mouth feel with subtle notes of citrus.


  • ABV 5%
  • Available in 330ml bottles and 50L kegs
  • Best served for tasting at a temperature of 8¬†– 10c
  • Food pairing: White meat, seafood, creamy dishes.

Malted Double – India Pale Ale

Our Double IPA uses a combination of Crystal and Munich ale malts with flaked oats, followed by the addition of Centennial, Chinook and Galaxy hops. This complex recipe results in a robust mouth feel, with spicy and floral overtones and hints of citrus. This IPA displays such bold but smooth, balanced characteristics and is truly a product we are proud to produce and offer to palates abroad.


  • ABV 7.5%
  • Available in 330ml bottles and 50L kegs
  • Best served for tasting at a temperature of 10-15c
  • Food Pairing: Lamb, Beef, Spice and Chilli.

About Our Beer

We are local

Geelong owned and hand crafted by some of Victorias most experienced brewers producing boutique artisan beers showcasing their rich history in the art of craft beer production.

Using only the highest grade malts, yeasts and hops ready for instant brewing, ensuring rich aroma and taste and undeniable freshness.

Our Process

We at Bells Brewing Co use the finest ingredients sourced across the world. Our passion for the product is displayed through our active involvement in all areas of production.

Our process is long, slow and focused on quality. We genuinely believe there is not another craft beer like ours on the market that utilises the same high grade of ingredients, unique, refined recipes and holistic customer service.

Our Malt & Hops

A combination of specific ingredients and the recipe for a delicate brewing process enables flavours to be combined and amplified for a unique mouth feel.

Specific malts are roasted for each different beer recipe to the desired degree which adds to the 'sweetness' and colour to the finished product. Different hops are added in the final stages and this further adds an array of depth, different flavours and aromas e.g herbaceous, tropical etc...

Our Beliefs

"The modern world has many distractions, things that often take us away from life's beautiful simplicities..."

Our senses are being overwhelmed by life's day to day activities, distracting us from what life is really all about.

We believe that the simple things in life need to be appreciated and enjoyed: Where we are right now in our journey as an individual, community, and society.

We strongly believe in the importance of pausing the every day grind, the automatic actions that we pursue with mindless conviction, and simply 'be'.


Bells Brewing Company prides itself on using top quality ingredients to produce a product with robust flavours, enticing aromatics and balance, reflecting a delicate and refined brewing process.

Bells Brewing Co products ideally speak for themselves, displaying the quality and passion that has been used to develop every aspect of this product.

"Life is precious and should be appreciated; so drink a beer that helps you appreciate all of your senses..."