Citra Pale Ale

The latest expression of our craft from Bells Brewing Co tells the story of summer and sophistication. Produced with Nelson Sauvin hops and lightly roasted ale malts, blended slowly with attention to a taste infusion.

With a hint of lime and citrus zest, subtle air of sweetness complemented by lightly roasted base malts provide our latest brew the perfect start to a summer palate. Hand crafted with precision and attention to detail, every second is temperature controlled and carefully attended to in pursuit for a unique Craft experience.

The  production process is based on the commitment to brewing using fresh organic ingredients and no preservatives or additives.

Our Citra Pale Ale
AVB 5%
Available in quantity of five 330ml bottles.
Best served for tasting at a temperature of 8 – 10c


About Our Beer

  • We are local

    Hand Crafted by local brewers from the Bellarine, with a rich history in the art of craft beer production.

    Sourcing fresh hops grown locally and processed ready for instant brewing, ensuring a rich array of flavour and currants and taste.


  • Process

    Bells Brewing Company use the finest ingredients sourced across Australia and New Zealand. All ingredients hand poured and personally inspected for quality with attention to the craft.

    Our process is long, slow and product focused. From the ingredients, process and controlled tastings, we ensure we’re delivering a product to the market that has been produced with care and passion.



  • Malt and Hops

    A combination of ingredients and a delicate brewing process enables our flavours to be amplified to an extent and experience of no other. Our Malt is churned and milled with attention to roasting techniques that deliver a lusty taste base.


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Our Beliefs

  • The world today has many distractions, often things that take us away from the simple things in life.

    Our senses are being overcome daily everywhere we go, this often take us away from what life is really about.

    We believe that the simple things in life need to be appreciated, where we are right now as an individual, community, society.

    The pleasure in looking up at the sky or the ocean in front of us. Stepping aside from where we want to be for a moment and simply be.

  • We believe in low consumption of all resource and appreciation of our earth and the people we share it with.

    Pushing the limits of practicality, we ensure the products we produce use natural ingredients, with focus on process, texture, flavour and aroma.

    Life is precious and should be appreciated and so your beer.

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Bells Brewing Company is a proud artisan craft brewing company.
We take pride in the experience we are able to deliver to our customers. Due to the nature of our philosophy we cannot guarantee availability of all purchases unless they are registered online and confirmed.

Our Contact Details

P: +61 457 370 013
M: Po Box 7094  Geelong West – 3218

Bells Brewing Co retains the right to refuse sale where it is not satisfied that the purchaser meets the requirements of the relevant law.

Under division 2 of the LIQUOR CONTROL REFORM ACT 1998 it is an offence to: Supply liquor to persons less than 18 years of age. Purchase or receive liquor is you are less than 18 years of age.

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  • Please Drink Responsibly
    We believe all good things should be in moderation and proudly promote the responsible consumption of our product.

    For further information on responsible drinking please see;

    Drink Wise

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  • We are a humble company who believe in the product we produce simple message of taking a moment to appreciate life.

    For all those that have come this far, we appreciate your time and support.

    Kind regards,

    Bells Brewing Company.